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Professor Feng Xuejun was invited to give a keynote speech at the Arab League International Video Seminar on "Responding to COVID-19 Epidemic-Integration of Harbour and City"
Three provincial-level excellent courses taught to foreign students in the college have passed the acceptance test in Jiangsu
The College of Harbour,Coastal and Offshore Engineering held the 2020 graduate degree awarding ceremony
The college held a symposium for teachers and students returning to school for the 10th anniversary of graduate alumni graduation in 2010
Professor Dong Guohai and Professor Ma Yuxiang from Dalian University of Technology came to the college for academic exchanges
Professor David R. Fuhrman of Danish University of Science and Technology was invited to participate in the online academic exchange activities
Shandong Port Group Co., Ltd. visited the college for exchange
Professor Wan Decheng from Shanghai Jiao Tong University was invited to our college for academic exchange
College won the BIM Education Application Award in the 5th international BIM competition
Tidal wetland scientific field observation and research station in Jiangsu applied by Hohai University was officially recognised
The Jiangsu excellent scientific and technological innovation team “Comprehensive management and protection of estuaries and coasts”passed the acceptance check
Symposium on Wave Current-Seabed-Structure Interaction
Organized to Participate the 18th Symposiun on China Ocean (Coastal) Engineering
The 1st International Symposium on Coastal Resources and Environment held in Hohai University
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