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Cracking behavior of reinforced concrete piles   externally bonded with carbon fiber reinforced polymer in a marine   environmentCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS0950-0618WOS:000451104900099庄宁,董洪汉(学生),陈达
Mechanical and thermal properties improvement of   unsaturated polyester resin by incorporation of TiO2 nanoparticle surface   modified with titanateMATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS2053-1591WOS:000444310800004江朝华,金晨,魏敏,严生,陈达
Effect of heat curing treatment on the drying   shrinkage behavior and microstructure characteristics of mortar incorporating   different content ground granulated blast-furnace slagCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS0950-0618WOS:000445983300034江朝华、金晨、王怿之、严生、陈达
Permeability Anisotropy of Columnar Jointed Rock   MassesKSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING1226-7988WOS:000451529600011邹丽芳,徐卫亚,孟国涛,宁宇,王环玲
Numerical investigation of excessive surge   induced by wave overtopping in an inlet-bay systemCOASTAL ENGINEERING0378-3839WOS:000447101300027陆扬,冯卫兵
A novel two-way method for dynamically coupling   a hydrodynamic model with a discrete element model (DEM)JOURNAL OF HYDRODYNAMICS1001-6058WOS:000447002000021熊焱(学生),梁秋华,Mahaffey, Rouainia,王岗
Intra-tidal division of flow and suspended   sediment at the first order junction of the Pearl River NetworkESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCE0272-7714WOS:000437996200016吴尧(学生),张蔚,诸裕良,郑金海,季小梅,何用(外单位),徐龑文
Initial dilution equations for wastewater   discharge: Example of non-buoyant jet in wave-following-current environmentOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000441854900012徐振山,陈永平,潘毅
Bond-slip behavior between pre-corroded rebar   and steel fiber reinforced concreteCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS0950-0618WOS:000440527400061侯利军,周秉轩,郭尚,庄宁,陈达
Wave tank experiments on the power capture of a   float-type wave energy device with a breakwaterJOURNAL OF RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY1941-7012WOS:000449105100037彭伟,贺瑞,张继生,许条建(外)
Unravelling the causes of tidal asymmetry in   deltasJOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY0022-1694WOS:000445316200047张蔚,曹煜(学生),诸裕良,郑金海,季小梅,徐龑文,吴尧,Hoitink, AJF(外单位)
Numerical study of flow-induced vibration of a   flexible plate behind a circular cylinderOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000441854100037王华坤,翟秋,张继生
A study of the creep-rupture behavior of HMPE   ropes using viscoelastic-viscoplastic-viscodamage modelingOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000438481600004连宇顺(博士后),郑金海(导师),刘海笑(外单位),徐鹏飞
Unified Formula for Critical Shear Stress for   Erosion of Sand, Mud, and Sand Mud MixturesJOURNAL OF HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING0733-9429WOS:000443504700006陈大可,王义刚,Bruce Melville,黄惠明,张薇娜
Gas-water energy conversion efficiency in   two-phase vertical downflowENERGY SCIENCE & ENGINEERING2050-0505WOS:000441128000008孙阳,姚昱婷,苏俊伟,罗兆阳,樊亚文,兰鹏,包艳
Flexural fatigue behavior of LSI based plain   weave carbon fabrics reinforced ceramic compositesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL0272-8842WOS:000436351700160马志国
Experimental study on soil response and wave   attenuation in a silt bedOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000442844600010童林龙(学生),张继生,孙可,郭亚坤(外单位),郑金海(导师),郑东生(外单位)
An experimental investigation on the bedding-in   behavior of synthetic fiber ropesOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000442844600029连宇顺,刘海笑(外单位),李林安(外单位),张玉明(外单位)
Green Project Planning with Realistic   Multi-Objective Consideration in Developing Sustainable PortSUSTAINABILITY2071-1050WOS:000440947600276王伟,陈景杰,刘奇,郭钊侠
On the stability relationships between tidal   asymmetry and morphologies of tidal basins and estuariesEARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS0197-9337WOS:000437831300015周曾,Coco G., Townend I.,龚政,Wang Z.B.,张长宽
A comparison of the performance of submerged and   detached artificial headlands in a beach nourishment projectOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000436349900025潘毅,匡翠萍,陈永平,尹硕,杨玉宝 ,杨燕雄,张甲波,邱若峰,张宇
Bond-Slip Behavior of Corroded Rebar Embedded in   Ultrahigh Toughness Cementitious CompositeJOURNAL OF MATERIALS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING0899-1561WOS:000432571100019侯利军,郭尚,周秉轩,徐世烺(外单位),陈达
Field Testing of Anchored Diaphragm Quay Wall   Supported Using Barrette PilesJOURNAL OF WATERWAY PORT COASTAL AND OCEAN   ENGINEERING0733-950XWOS:000432574900010谭慧明,焦志斌(外),陈福茂(学),陈佳
Quadrant Analysis of Turbulence in a Rectangular   Cavity with Large Aspect RatiosJOURNAL OF HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING0733-9429WOS:000432569500008管大为,Agarwal Prakash,Chiew Yee-Meng
The role of bank collapse on tidal creek   ontogeny: A novel process-based model for bank retreatGEOMORPHOLOGY0169-555XWOS:000432759400002龚政,赵堃,张长宽,戴玮琦, Coco, G; 周曾
Plastic strain accumulation behaviour of AH32   steel in a cyclic stress-corrosion environmentJOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH0143-974XWOS:000433268900001孙阳,李海淼,王翀霄,邵国建
Physical Model of wave-induced seabed response   around trenched pipeline in sandy seabedAPPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH0141-1187WOS:000432503600003翟艳艳(学生)、贺瑞、赵家林(学生)、张继生、郑东生(外单位)、李凌
Behavior of mortar exposed to different exposure   conditions of sulfate attackOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000432507400001俞小彤(学生),陈达,封嘉蕊(学生),张研
Experimental Study of a Tailings Impoundment Dam   Failure Due to OvertoppingMINE WATER AND THE ENVIRONMENT1025-9112WOS:000431882400006吴腾,秦杰
Numerical investigation of dynamic soil response   around a submerged rubble mound breakwaterOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000433269100032赵弘毅、梁作栋(澳洲格里菲斯大学)郑东升(澳洲格里菲斯大学)、朱剑锋(宁波大学)、国振(浙江大学)、陈炜韵(南京工业大学)
Salt Dynamics in Coastal Marshes: Formation of   Hypersaline ZonesWATER RESOURCES RESEARCH0043-1397WOS:000442351300003沈城吉,张晨明,辛沛,孔俊,李凌
3-D Simulation of the Suspended Sediment   Transport in the Jiao jiang Estuary: Based on Validating by Remote Sensing   RetrievalJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100024路翠卓(学生),李欢(通讯作者),戴玮琦,陶建峰,徐凡,陈诺,张孝严,郭洪涛(金陵科技学院)
Revisiting the Relationship between Tidal   Asymmetry and Basin Morphology: A Comparison between 1D and 2D ModelsJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100031周曾,陈璐莹,Townend I.,Coco G.,Friedrichs C.,张长宽
A New Method for Automatic Definition of Tidal   Creek NetworksJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100032耿亮(学生);龚政; Lanzoni, S; D'Alpaos, A
The Variations of Sediment Transport Patterns in   the Radial Sand Ridges along the Jiangsu Coast, China over the Last 30 YearsJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100044陶建峰、徐凡、姚鹏、周曾、张长宽
UAV Photogrammetry for Elevation Monitoring of   Intertidal MudflatsJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100048戴玮琦(学生),李欢(通讯作者),周曾,陈诺,路翠卓,赵堃,张孝严,杨华韬,李定远
Bed Shear Stress Estimation Under Wave   Conditions Using near-bottom Measurements: Comparison of MethodsJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100049张茜(学生);龚政; 张长宽; Lacy, JR; Jaffe, BE; 徐贝贝(学生)
Non-Equilibrium Suspended Sediment Transport on   the Intertidal Flats of Jiangsu Coast, ChinaJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100051徐贝贝(学生);龚政; 张茜(学生); 张长宽; 赵堃(学生)
Feasibility of Elevation Mapping in Muddy Tidal   Flats by Remotely Sensed Moisture (RSM) MethodJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100059李欢,龚政(通讯作者),戴玮琦,路翠卓,张孝严,陈诺,郭洪涛(金陵科技学院)
Biological Mediation of Sediment Erosion: Can We   Account for Tidal Effects?JOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100085陈欣迪(学),张长宽(认),周晶晶
Modelling Wave Breaking across Coral Reefs Using   a Non-Hydrostatic ModelJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100101时健,张弛,郑金海,童朝锋,王鹏(校外),陈松贵(校外)
Parallel Morphodynamic Modelling for the Yangtze   EstuaryJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100129储鏖,邰佳爱
Influences of Earthquake Characteristics on   Seismic Performance of Anchored Sheet Pile Quay with Barrette PilesJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100141陈福茂(学),谭慧明,陈佳,焦志斌(外)
Error-Estimation Ensemble Method in the   Forecasting of Tropical Cyclone TracksJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100155潘毅,陈永平,袁杰颖,刘莹,徐振山
Coastal Hazards Caused by Different Extreme   Storms in the Bohai Sea, ChinaJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100164周春艳,许春阳,张继生,傅晓英(外单位),殷妍(学生)
Distribution Characteristics of the Extreme   Storm Tides in the Radial Sand Ridges Area of the South Yellow Sea in ChinaJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100172谢当汉(研究生)、谭亚、储鏖、周天逸、van Maanen, B
Numerical Study of Standing Wave-Induced Seabed   Residual Response with the Non-homogeneous Soil PropertyJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100185隋倜倜(博士后),张弛,郑金海(导师),郭亚坤(外单位),解鸣晓(外单位)
Influence of Typhoon Path on Salt Water   Intrusion in the Modaomen Waterway, ChinaJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100188潘明婕(学),孔俊,罗照阳
An Improved Contaminant Source Identification   Method for Sudden Water Pollution Accident in Coaster EstuariesJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100190荆立(学),孔俊,王青,姚昱婷
Improvement on MPS Method for Simulation of   Dynamic Pressure in Dam Break FlowsJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100195王丽珠(学生),蒋勤(通讯作者),聂思航,张骏,IDDYIDDY
Wave Nonlinearity Correction for Parametric   Nearshore Wave ModellingJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100200张弛,张清扬(学生),雷刚(外单位),蔡锋(外单位),郑金海,陈可锋(外单位)
Model Test on Influence of Berth Length on LNG   Vessel Mooring under Wave-Current-Wind LoadsJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100213谭慧明,陈福茂(学),陈佳
The Influence of Tidal Current on the   Orientation of Wharf Axis and the Optimization of Plane LayoutJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100222翟秋,侯捷,王华坤,阎佳安
Numerical studying on the sedimentary processes   at a mudflat near Yangtze RiverJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100241许春阳, 陈永平,郁李丽(硕士研究生)
A Laboratory Study of Rheological Properties of   Soft Mud Using a Dynamic Shear-controlled Oscillatory ViscometerJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100246聂思航(学生),蒋勤(通讯作者),王丽珠,张骏,刘鹏
Numerical Study on Optimization of the Float in   a Shoreline Wave Energy ConverterJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100260彭伟,范亚宁(学),张继生
Numerical Investigation on the Vortex-Induced   Vibration of a Flexible Plate behind a Circular CylinderJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100266王华坤,翟秋,侯捷,夏莉敏
Optimizing the Number of Anchorages Based on   Simulation Model of Port-channel-anchorage Composite SystemJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000441173100274王伟,黄莉,马骥,郭钊侠
Effects of Soil-Resistance Damping on   Wave-Induced Pore Pressure Accumulation around a Composite BreakwaterJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCH0749-0208WOS:000431862300007张继生、童林龙(学生)、郑金海、贺瑞、郭亚昆
The effect of nanoparticles on the properties of   calcium aluminate cement pastes at high temperaturesADVANCES IN CEMENT RESEARCH0951-7197WOS:000430279800002江朝华,袁惠文,陆春华,许仲梓,卢都有
Analytic study on long wave transformation over   a seamount with a pitOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000430762400014王岗,傅丹娟(学生),郑金海,梁秋华,张尧(海洋局)
An improved interval finite element method based   on the element-by-element technique for large truss system and plane problemsADVANCES IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING1687-8140WOS:000429748300001苏静波、王金鹏、李昂、杨淦全
Numerical modelling of liquefaction in loose   sand deposits subjected to ocean wavesAPPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH0141-1187WOS:000429510900003赵弘毅、郑东升(澳洲格里菲斯大学)、廖晨聪(上海交通大学)、张继生、国振(浙江大学)、陈炜韵(南京工业大学)
Numerical estimation of extreme waves and surges   over the northwest Pacific OceanOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000428824200020李江夏(学生),潘顺琪,陈永平,范永平,潘毅
An Investigation on Creep and Creep-Rupture   Behaviors of HMPE RopesJOURNAL OF OFFSHORE MECHANICS AND ARCTIC   ENGINEERING-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME0892-7219WOS:000425360700005连宇顺(博士后),郑金海(导师),刘海笑(外单位)
Effects of Unsaturated Flow on Hillslope   Recession CharacteristicsWATER RESOURCES RESEARCH0043-1397WOS:000430364900035罗照阳(学),沈城吉,孔俊,华国芬,赵忠伟,赵红军
Field testing and numerical analysis on   performance of anchored sheet pile quay wall with separate pile-supported   platformMARINE STRUCTURES0951-8339WOS:000430758900021谭慧明,焦志斌(外),陈佳
Degradation of Passive Film on Low-Nickel   Stainless Steel in Groundwater with Different Concentration of Chloride IonsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTROCHEMICAL   SCIENCE1452-3981WOS:000429101700045冯兴国,石锐龙(学),章乐远(学),徐逸文(学),张香英(学)、张菁(学),陈达
Experimental Study of Wave Motion and Pore   Pressure Around a Submerged Impermeable Breakwater in a Sandy SeabedINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OFFSHORE AND POLAR   ENGINEERING1053-5381WOS:000427087200011翟艳艳(学生)、张继生、蒋来、谢谦诚(学生)、陈浩(学生)
Trends in global ocean surface wave   characteristics as represented in the ERA-Interim wave reanalysis for   1979-2010JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY0948-4280WOS:000426399100002吴玲莉,秦杰,吴腾,李醒
Mechanistic Drifting Forecast Model for A Small   Semi-Submersible Drifter Under Tide-Wind-Wave ConditionsCHINA OCEAN ENGINEERING0890-5487WOS:000425169500011张薇娜、黄惠明、王义刚、陈大可
Accuracy of depth-integrated nonhydrostatic wave   modelsOCEAN ENGINEERING0029-8018WOS:000425562700017王岗,郑金海,梁秋华
Experimental study on the bond and durability   properties of mortar incorporating polyacrylic ester and silica fumeADVANCES IN CEMENT RESEARCH0951-7197WOS:000423195000002江朝华,黄珊珊,高鹏,陈达
Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties   of Amorphous Alloy Fiber-Reinforced ConcreteADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING1687-8434WOS:000451869800001江朝华,王怿之,郭文文,金晨,魏敏
Experimental Study of Aged and Seriously Damaged   RC Beams Strengthened Using CFRP CompositesADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING1687-8434WOS:000449317500001庄宁,董洪汉(学生),陈达,马晔明(学生)
Influence of heterogeneity on mechanical and   acoustic emission behaviours of stratified rock specimensEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND CIVIL   ENGINEERING1964-8189WOS:000446212400023李昂,邵国建,苏静波,孙阳,余天堂,师后盖
On the Simulation-Based Reliability of Complex   Emergency Logistics Networks in Post-Accident RescuesINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH   AND PUBLIC HEALTH1660-4601WOS:000424121200079王伟,黄莉,梁学栋
Utilization of Sandy Soil as the Primary Raw   Material in Production of Unfired BricksADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING1687-8434WOS:000425401800001陶桂兰,潘跃鹏(学生),乔赵阳(学生),江朝华
Stabilizing Effects of Bacterial Biofilms: EPS   Penetration and Redistribution of Bed Stability Down the Sediment ProfileJOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-BIOGEOSCIENCES2169-8953WOS:000423221300001陈欣迪、张长宽、周曾、龚政、周晶晶、陶建峰、 Paterson、冯骞
Effect of structural features and loading   parameters on bond in reinforced concrete under repeated loadSTRUCTURAL CONCRETE1464-4177WOS:000422869400004孙阳,顾祯雪,李昂,邵国建
Comparisons of Different Instruments for   Measuring Suspended Cohesive Sediment ConcentrationsWATER2073-4441WOS:000419225500061邵宇阳, Maa, JPY
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study of   the Compressive strength of ConcreteINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTROCHEMICAL   SCIENCE1452-3981WOS:000419169900054陶桂兰,高聪聪,乔赵阳
Dynamic response and mooring optimization of   spar-type substructure under combined action of wind, wave, and currentJOURNAL OF RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE ENERGY1941-7012WOS:000419000200017陈达,高鹏(学生),黄珊珊(学生),范可(学生),庄宁,廖迎娣
Laboratory Study on Erosion of Vegetated HPTRM   System under High-Speed Open-Channel FlowJOURNAL OF WATERWAY PORT COASTAL AND OCEAN   ENGINEERING0733-950XWOS:000417310500004潘毅,陈永平,张同鑫,胡玉植,尹硕,杨玉宝,谭慧明
Research on Class-Based Storage Strategies for   Flood Control Materials Based on Grey ClusteringWATER2073-4441WOS:000451736300013王伟,黄莉,乐炜炜,张宇,David Proverbs
A Statistical Study on Metastable Pitting of 304   Stainless Steel in Chloride Contaminated Carbonated Concrete Pore SolutionINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTROCHEMICAL   SCIENCE1452-3981WOS:000452568200023冯兴国,徐逸文(学),张香英(学),卢向雨,章乐远(学),石锐龙(学),张菁(学),陈达,张细兵

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